Simon Hayward

Simon Hayward

Senior Partner, CEO

Keynotes by Simon Hayward concisely examine why failure is so common in team efforts. In particular, Hawyard outlines certain skills and characteristics that are essential to work successfully as a team.

Currently, Hayward is the Senior Partner at Cirrus, an organization that provides leadership and strategic consulting services. Prior to this position, Hayward was a Senior Adviser at Oliver Wyman Leadership Development and the Head of Strategic Engagements Practices at Oliver Wyan. In terms of his education, Hayward earned his Master's in English from Oxford University and his MBA in Business from the University of Manchester's Manchester Business School. In conjunction, Hayward is currently working towards his Doctorate of Business Administration in Leadership and Engagement from the University of Manchester. Hayward was also the CEO of Academee, an organization that pioneered the field of leadership development and engagement with both employees and clients.

By stressing the important factors needed for clear communication and success, keynotes by Simon Hawyard offer advice that all businesses should take to heart.

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