Sinan Aral

Sinan Aral


The keynotes that delineate Sinan Aral's career are based upon his belief in the power of causality and behavioral contagion. His interest in social interactions is grounded in his academic background, graduating as a Phi Beta Kappa student from Northwestern University. He subsequently obtained masters degrees from Harvard University and the London School of Economics and eventually completed his PhD studies in Information Systems at MIT. His current position as a faculty member with the NYU Stern of Business and with MIT have allowed him to further explore his pedagogic undertakings.

Aral's impressive educational background has been dotted with a list of remarkable awards. In 2010 he won the PopTech Science Fellowship and the Microsoft Faculty Fellowship, distinguishing himself as a well-respected Professor in his field. His intense exposure to information technology launched his interest in social networks, marketing and e-commerce, now some of the key focuses of his work.

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