Sonia Arrison

Sonia Arrison

Policy Analyst

In her keynotes, Sonia Arrison explores fascinating concepts in futurism and emerging developments in society. Professionally, she is currently a Senior Fellow at the California-based Pacific Research Institute (PRI) as well as a columnist for TechNewsWorld. For over 10 years, Arrison has studied how technology affects society. Prior to her work at PRI, she worked at the Donner Canadian Foundation, studying Canadian-American regulatory issues. She also studied regulatory policy and privatization at the Fraser Institute in Vancouver.

Arrison is an author. Her most recent book, '100 Plus,' examines how ever lengthening lifespans will change the way people and societies think about and organize life. In this book, she makes a compelling case for heavily supporting longevity science and technology.

Arrison's work has been featured in a number of media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, and CBS MarketWatch.

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