Sophal Ear

Sophal Ear

Assistant Professor at the US Naval Postgraduate School

The keynotes by Sophal Ear are steeped in unique insights on the effectiveness of foreign aid and the possible complications it causes in developing countries.

Ear completed a BA, MA, MS and Ph.D degree in political science at University of California in addition to a MPA degree in economics at Princeton University. He was a Fellow at the Department of Public Admin at Syracuse University as well as a TED Fellow after giving a TED Talk in 2009.

Ear spoke at several forums on foreign policy and politics at venues such as the Oslo Freedom Forum and the International Baccalaureate Organizations' 25th Asia Pacific Conference. His contributions were recognized when he was honored by the World Economic Forum as a 'Young Global Leader,' as well as elected onto the Council of Foreign Relations. He sits on several other advisory boards concerning education, public management and infrastructure. Ear is also the Vice Chairman and Vice President of the Diagnostic Microbiology Development Program.

He is currently the Assistant Professor of National Security Affairs at the US Naval Postgraduate School. Bringing to light the rickety political nature of developing countries plagued by corruption and conflict, the keynotes by Sophal Ear warn audiences of the impact of Western foreign policy.

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