Stacey Kramer

Stacey Kramer

Founder, Marketing Director

Keynotes by Stacey Kramer focus on embracing and benefiting from unexpected events. In particular, Kramer discusses how her diagnosis with a brain tumor profoundly changed her life by providing her with new experiences and challenges.

Currently, Kramer is the Marketing Director at Skratch Labs, a small business devoted to making nutritious food products for athletes. Prior to this position, Kramer founded BrandPlay and was the owner of Word for Word, both companies that provide consulting and branding advice. In terms of her education, Kramer earned her BS/BA in Economics and Communications from Stanford University. With over 15 years of experience working with high-profile brands, Kramer is a well-respected individual in the business and marketing world.

Keynotes by Stacey Kramer suggest to audiences that even the most unexpected and unsatisfactory situations can lead to new perspectives and appreciations for life.

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