Stefana Broadbent

Stefana Broadbent

Teaching Fellow at University College London's Department of Anthropology

Stefana Broadbent's keynotes take on culture as we know it and contrast it with how we understand it today. As a Teaching Fellow at University College London's Department of Anthropology, Broadbent has a keen understanding of anthropological takes on culture and the evolution of societal norms. In her keynotes, she takes on the cultural influence of the internet and other modern technologies that have shaped society today.

Educated at the University of Edinburgh and Universite de Geneve, Broadbent has gone on to found CB&J, work as a Professor at Politecnico di Milano, HCI Chief Officer at IconMedialab, Head of User Observatory at Swisscom and Honorary Lecturer at University College London's Anthropology Department before taking on her current role as Teaching Fellow. Stefana Broadbent's keynotes offer fascinating perspectives and opinions of culture today.

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