Stephanie Guthrie

Stephanie Guthrie

Community Manager

The Stephanie Guthrie speeches attack the standing practice stipulating not to engage with Internet 'trolls' on feminist grounds. The feminism advocate focuses on the overlapping subjects of gender, culture and technology. As a community organizer in the digital space, she uses social media platforms to create an on-going dialogue on issues like gender justice, labor, politics and education. She is the founder of Women in Toronto Politics, which organizes events to include and promote women in discussions surrounding Toronto politics. Her work has been featured in THIS Magazine, McClung Magazine and the Toronto Standard. She is a faculty member at Academy of the Impossible, a peer to peer lifelong learning facility. She holds a Master's degree in Communication and Culture from York and Ryerson Universities.

The Stephanie Guthrie speech emphasizes her feminist advocacy and her social media mastery.

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