Stephen Elop

Stephen Elop

President & CEO of Nokia

Stephen Elop's speeches are a true reflection of his experience in the mobile industry and his knowledge when it comes to all things digital. Elop is currently the President and CEO of the Nokia Corporation and has occupied this position since 2001, when he replaced Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. Elop is the first Canadian and first non-Finn to be named CEO of the company.

Elop studied computer engineering and management at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. After graduating, Elop played an instrumental role in creating one of the first Internet networks in Canada. He then began his career as a consultant for Lotus Development Corporation. In between this and joining Nokia, he worked at various companies including Microsoft, Juniper Networks and Boston Chicken.

Stephen Elop's speeches are a testament to his passion for modern technology, social media and his commitment to advancing the mobile industry.

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