Stephen Prothero

Stephen Prothero

Professor at Boston University, Author

Presentations by Stephen Prothero are unsurprisingly related to the controversial Boston University professor's opinions about religion.

An author and professor who is visible and often cited in the study of religion, Prothero, who has both an MA and a PhD from Harvard in Religious Studies, is an authoritative figure in this field. As someone who has written more than five books on the topic of world religion, and appeared on many popular TV news shows speaking to his ideas, Prothero is a very public figure when it comes to the topic of world faith. Able to make sense of the way in which religion affects the modern world with particular respect to politics, he is a truly insightful thinker with influential ideas about how to resolve the issues involved with modern religion.

Presentations by Stephen Prothero are ideal for intellectual audiences or students interested in the way in which the world grapples with the diversity and history of institutionalized faith.

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