Steve Shapiro

Steve Shapiro

President and Innovation Evangelist at 24/7 Innovation

The Steve Shapiro speeches are steeped in motivational tips on innovation in a large corporation.

Shapiro was educated at Cornell and became an associate partner at Accenture right out of school. After a lengthy 15 years at Accenture, he became the President and Innovation Evangelist at 24/7 Innovation. He has stayed at this post since 2011, however he took on other responsibilities during this time such as the position of President of the National Speaker's Association and Chief Innovation Evangelist at InnoCentive.

His innovation acumen has been noted for his work in the bestselling book 'Best Practices are Stupid,' which is only one of five titles he has authored.

He is currently consulting at 24/7 Innovation while also continuing his career as a renowned speaker.

By focusing on out-of-the-box thinking, the Steve Shapiro speeches encourage leading individuals to harness creativity to the fullest when taking on challenges.

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