Steven Kotler

Steven Kotler

Entrepreneur and Author

The Steven Kotler keynotes expand on how science can be used to better understand our cultural surroundings. Kotler's talks specialize in topics such as psychology and neuroscience. Often times his keynotes explore how the brain can be optimized to improve performance and quality of life.

Kotler is known for his bestselling novels, such as 'Abundance' and 'West of Jesus,' that have grown to become New York Times bestsellers. In addition, Kotler has funded several entrepreneurial ventures including The Reporter's Gym, a writing retreat with the Los Angeles Lakers for students interested in sports writing, and the Rancho de Chihuahua, a sanctuary for chihuahuas in New Mexico. Kotler has also written articles published in popular periodicals such as National Geographic, GQ, WIRED and the LA Times.

Each of the Steven Kotler keynotes will inspire you to expand your mind and apply scientific concepts to your daily tasks.

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