Steven Schussler

Steven Schussler

Branding Expert, Consultant, Entrepreneur, creator of Rainforest Cafe, Motivati

Keynotes by Steven Schussler advocate for up-and-coming businesses and entrepreneurs to distinguish themselves from competition using their unique traits and authentic character. As the founder and creator of award-winning 'Rainforest Cafe,' Schussler examines his own personal experiences and struggles to get people to accept his idea, which ultimately led to a internationally successful franchise. As a result, he went on to found countless other creative restaurants like 'T-Rex Cafe' and 'Betty & Joey's.'

Currently, Schussler is the CEO and Branding and Marketing Expert at Schussler Creative, Inc., an organization aimed at cultivating creative visions and strategic initiatives. Prior to this position, Schussler held executive positions for 'CBS' and 'NBC.' As a graduate from the FBI's Citizen Academy, Schussler is an engaged participant in the community and charity work including 'the Leukamia Society' and 'American Lung Association.'

Schussler is a contributing writer for the 'Minnesota Business Magazine' and the author of national bestseller 'It's a Jungle In There: Inspiring Lessons, Hard-Won Insights, and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring.' Referenced in over one hundred media articles, Schussler represents a well-respected businessman who made his mark on the business world. By allowing personality to show through in business ventures, keynotes by Steven Schussler remind entrepreneurs not to sacrifice themselves in the pursuit of happiness and success.

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