Sujay Tyle

Sujay Tyle

Vice President of Business Development at Scopely

The speeches by Sujay Tyle focus on creating opportunities to pursue one's dreams. Sujay Tyle inspires audiences with his personal experiences, and encourages them to attain their goals by designing their own road to success.

Sujay Tyle attended Pittsford Mendon High School, and has taken a leave of absence from Harvard University to work with the 20 under 20 fellowship with Peter Thiel. In the past, Tyle was the head of market strategy at Kyruus, and business development analyst at InsightSquared. In 2011, Sujay founded the mobile social gaming company Scopely in Los Angeles.

Sujay Tyle is a young social entrepreneur who chased his dreams to create one of the most innovative consumer web company's to date. The speeches by Sujay Tyle inspire audiences to make the most of the life they are given, and to attain their goals through a persistent pursuit for new opportunities.

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