Susan Pinker

Susan Pinker

Psychologist, Journalist, Author

Keynotes by Susan Pinker address issues surrounding gender. However, to say just this would overlook the deep knowledge and insight she has into this complex and often surprising subject.

Pinker is a developmental psychologist with 25 years of experience both as a clinical practitioner and an educator, teaching at Dawson College and McGill University. In terms of her own education, she is an alumni of the University of Waterloo and McGill University.

Pinker is the author of the well received and influential book, 'The Sexual Paradox,' which examines the implications that fundamental sex differences have in the workplace. She is also the author of the 'Business Brain' column in the Globe and Mail, exploring how behavioral economics, social psychology and neuroscience relate to the business world. Like her writings, keynotes by Susan Pinker draw on hard evidence to arrive at enlightening and fascinating conclusions.

In recognition of her work, Pinker has received numerous awards; including the William James Book Award by the American Psychological Association and the Aventis Pasteur Medal for Excellence in Health Research Journalism.

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