Susan Weinberger

Susan Weinberger

President of the Mentoring Consulting Group

Keynotes by Dr. Susan Weinberger are both entertaining and rich with factual information regarding the importance of nurturing relationships.

A strong background has provided Dr. Weinberger with the base for her life's work. She began her educational career at Carnegie-Mellon University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Modern Languages. Following her undergraduate degree, she earned a master's degree in Elementary and Bilingual Education from Manhattanville College and a doctorate from University of Bridgeport.

Having a background with a strong focus on education lead to her roles as the Chair of the Public Policy Council of MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership, and membership at the Board of Directors of the National Assembly of Health and Human Services. Yet, she is perhaps best known for her expertise as 'Dr. Mentor' with the Mentor Counseling group that she founded and is now president of. With her vast expertise, the keynotes of Dr. Susan Weinberger are filled with valuable insight into the educational field.

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