Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman

Columnist at the New York Times

The modern economy is the main focus of the keynotes by Thomas Friedman. Friedman attended Brandeis University and graduated with a degree in Mediterranean studies. He then completed a master's degree in philosophy at the University of Oxford. He joined the United Press International immediately after completing his degree, at which time he was deployed to Beirut to cover the civil war. He was then hired by the New York Times to continue his coverage in Beirut.

In 1983 he served at the Times Jerusalem Bureau and became immersed with the issues of the Arab-Israeli conflict. His next career move took him back to America, where he served as the White House correspondent for the Times during Bill Clinton's time in office. During his long career in news coverage he was inspired to author many books, including From Beirut to Jerusalem.

He won the Pulitzer Prize three times for International Reporting -- once for his work in Beirut, another for when he was in Jerusalem and his last while he was writing the foreign affairs column in America. He is also notably recognized from gaining admittance to the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

He is currently a columnist at the New York Times.

The keynotes by Thomas Friedman express his views on how growth in the economy should be achieved, using his extensive international experiences to support his stance.

In drawing from a career spent observing American policy and current events, the keynotes by Thomas Friedman are a reliable resource to gain perspective from.

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