Thomas Power

Thomas Power

Chairman at The Google+Plus Coach

The Thomas Power keynotes focus on the importance of social media and connectedness; he explores why it is so important to stay up to date with technological advances. The reliance on sharing information is becoming very predominant, hence the need to shift from institutional thinking to networking thinking.

Power is currently the Chairman at The Google+Plus Coach as well as the Chairman at Ecademy which is a social network for business people and entrepreneurs. He attained his degree in business, finance and marketing at the Croydon College in 1986.

Earlier in his career, he set up his own marketing company called DMS Europe and became one of the first Internet experts. He has since published numerous books including, ‘Battle of the Portals' in 1999, 'Networking for Life' in 2003 and 'A Friend in Every City' in 2006. The Thomas Power keynotes are entertaining and packed with useful information about the ever evolving social networking world. With his vast knowledge and expertise in the digital realm, he is sure to provide any company with a wide variety of valuable takeaways.

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