Thomas Thwaites

Thomas Thwaites

Speaker, Student, Designer

Keynotes by Thomas Thwaites examine his design mission to create a toaster from scratch. Thwaites was inspired to create this toaster as a way of exploring the industrial materials and processes around that so many individuals take for granted.

Currently a Design Interactions MA Student at Royal College of Art, Thwaites set out to explore how to create technology out of minimal materials. Prior to this position, he held an internship position at the Interactive Institute producing concepts and scenarios regarding future technological advancements.

In terms of his education, Thwaites earned his Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences from University of London's University College and his Certificate of Higher Education in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence.

As a result of his extensive design work, Thwaites received the 'Akademie Schloss Solitude Fellowship' and the 'Blueprint Silver Award for Best Emerging Talent.' As an author, Thwaites is probably most recognized for his book 'The Toaster Project.'

With a hilarious high-energy approach, keynotes by Thomas Thwaites follow one man's attempt to create an electronic gadget out of scrap; in effect teaching audiences that advancements have to start somewhere, possibly, in a pile of scrap metal.

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