Thorsten Heins

Thorsten Heins

CEO of Research in Motion (RIM)

The reinvention of Research in Motion (RIM) -- the company responsible for the BlackBerry -- is the focus of the speeches by Thorsten Heins. Heins was recently appointed as the company's new CEO in 2012, after having worked there since 2007. Before joining the team at RIM, he worked at Siemens AG as its chief technology officer.

Heins is no stranger to the wireless and tech industries. He's also held various management positions for different computer and software companies. He received his master's degree in Science and Physics from the University of Hannover in Germany.

The speeches by Thorsten Heins are especially interesting as RIM has recently experienced a tremendous amount of criticism and backlash in the media about its products. His keynotes outline how its plans and strategies for a strong and promising comeback in the world of wireless products.

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