Tiffany Peterson

Tiffany Peterson

President of The Lighthouse Principles

Speeches by Tiffany Peterson reflect her ability to convey inspirational personal and business-related ideas to audiences.

An experienced businesswoman with a zest for life, Peterson is capable of relating her ideas to many spheres in life. Focusing on the ways in which people think about experiences and interpret events, she is motivated to help people reach their fullest personal potential. Educated at the University of Utah, Tiffany later became a respected salesperson and was mentored by many high-profile motivational authors and speakers. Speeches by Tiffany Peterson are influenced by her own experiences as well as the amazing amount of mentoring she's able to rely on.

Recently, Peterson founded 'The Lighthouse Principles' Inc., which teaches business and individuals ways in which they can become the best versions of themselves through goal setting and achievement.

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