Tim Cook

Tim Cook

CEO of Apple Inc.

The keynotes by Tim Cook focus on recent graduates, and the power of intuition. Time Cook reflects on the most important events in his life, and he emphasizes that intuition is necessary for making big decisions.

Tim Cook worked for IBM as the director of North American Fulfillment, and was the chief operating officer of Intelligent Electronics. Tim worked at Compaq for seven months as the VP for corporate materials, and he was hired by Steve Jobs to work for Apple in 1998. Since August 2011, Cook has been the CEO of Apple Inc, and he is on the board of directors of Nike.

The keynotes by Tim Cook offer insight to young adults for their journey ahead. Structured and linear life plans should not be taken since they do not leave room for intuition. Cook inspires young graduates to trut themselves, and to rely on intuition when deciding the best route to take.

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