Tim Fearon

Tim Fearon

Owner at The Extraordinary Coaching Company

The Tim Fearon speeches provide valuable information on how small businesses and entrepreneurs can find hidden money they may not be aware of. Fearon is the Owner at The Extraordinary Coaching Company as well as the Director at Active Faces.

He studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and achieved a diploma in acting and directing. He spent nine years of his career working in the acting and directing fields, and then in 1984 he decided to take a career turn to establish his first company called ‘YouthWorks’ to help children with learning disabilities to find meaningful jobs. After this four year venture, Fearon worked at a senior level with several organizations such as Oxfam, Save the Children and the British Red Cross.

Fearon is also the co-author of the book titled ‘How You Can Talk to Anyone in Every Situation.’ Having set up four successful businesses from scratch, Fearon takes pleasure in spreading his knowledge to budding entrepreneurs. The Tim Fearon speeches are bound to inspire and provide valuable information.

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