Tim Jones

Tim Jones

Strategy Director at BBH London

The Tim Jones keynotes look at the benefits of implementing a new model for branding that companies can use, which refers to as the gaming model. The idea is that behavior rather than attitudes will garner the necessary interactions required to lead a consumer to make a purchase, as opposed to simply cluttering an audience with messages.

Jones graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Experimental Technology from the University of Oxford in 2004. Prior to acquiring his job as a Strategy Director at BBH London, he was working at the Ogilvy & Mather marketing communications company as a Senior Planner; he worked with clients such as Lactalis-Nestle, Coca Cola and Street Car.

Jones has been recognized with many awards including the WPP Atticus Communications Planning award, which recognizes original thinkers in the marketing world. Jones is also particularly fond of being part of the award-winning Fanta Stealth Sound System, which is a mobile application that creates a buzzing sound that only teenagers can hear. The Tim Jones keynotes are sure to enlighten companies with new perspectives when it comes to building a solid marketing communications strategy.

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