Tim King

Tim King

Founder and CEO of Urban Prep Academies

The Tim King keynotes reflect the educator's revolutionary thinking. Urban Prep Academies, a network of entirely male high schools spanning Chicago, Illinois, has catapulted Tim King to a position of influence. As the prep school broadcasted a 100 percent admission rate for its 2010 and 2011 graduating classes into four-year colleges or universities, King has been revered as an educator to watch.

After receiving his bachelor's and law degrees at Georgetown University, King went on to teach at a Catholic school before founding his own. In order to combat Chicago's rising issue of low rates of college for young black males, King founded Urban Prep Academies and in doing so distinguished himself as a "national leader on education reform." As a sometimes professor at Northwestern University in the subjects of urban education and philanthropy, King has established himself to be on the cutting edge of education in the United States.

King has written for the Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Crain's Chicago Business and many more. He has received recognition as 'Man the Year' by Men's Journal, a finalist in GQ's 'Better Man Better World' awards, and Chicago Magazine's 'Chicagoan of the Year' for addressing such a prominent issue and finding such a pragmatic solution. The Tim King keynotes are intelligent, thoughtful and enlightening.

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