Timothy Prestero

Timothy Prestero

CEO of Design that Matters

The keynotes by Timothy Prestero share his perspective on designing for the developing world.

Prestero graduated from MIT and became a Peace Corps volunteer. He worked in West Africa, Latin America and Asia. He then served briefly as a design engineer at Drapper Laboratory before conducting research at WHOI Oceanographic Systems Lab then MIT Lab for Energy and Environment, where he is currently a fellow. He is the founder and CEO of Design that Matters in 2003, a non-profit design firm for the poor in developing countries in. He has been in this position since.

Prestero has received several awards, with the most recent in the form of an honorable mention in the ID Magazine's 2010 Annual Design Review.

By outlining the process of developing products that aim to change the world, the keynotes by Timothy Prestero open the eyes of design audiences everywhere.

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