Tito Beveridge

Tito Beveridge

Founder of Tito's Vodka

Tito Beveridge, the creator of Tito's Vodka, has given speeches on the importance of pursing passions. Beveridge used to work as an on-site geologist, a seismic data processor and a geophysicist. He's also previously worked for gas and oil companies, before pursing his interests.

In 1997, Beveridge created the Mockingbird Distillery and began production on Tito's Vodka. This vodka brand turned out to be a success. In 2007, Beveridge sold 160,000 cases of his vodka.

Beveridge has spoken about the importance of people doing what they love. He points out that when people care about what they do, they generally work a lot harder at it. He believes that figuring out what one wants to do and what they're good at is key to uncovering the perfect career path.

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