Todd Buchholz

Todd Buchholz

Author, Economist, Keynote Speaker

Speeches by Todd Buchholz reflect this economist's ability to make sense of the business world and how money influences the individual.

A former Director of Economic Policy at the White House, Bucholz is a trusted name when it comes to his field, and has authored books to explore and popularize his views. His most recent book, 'Rush: Why You Thrive in The Rat Race,' explores the influence of competitive work environments and how they influence workers positively in terms of emotion and fulfillment. Though he has a thorough background in economics, he has earned degrees in education and economics from the University of Cambridge and Harvard University.

His background in pedagogy might explain why speeches by Todd Buchholz are so easy to understand, and his extensive education in economics is likely the reason for which he is so confidently eloquent when it comes to the subject. Sure to be an enlightening speaker at professional and economic events, he would be a perfect fit for more formal occasions.

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