Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks


The Tom Hanks speeches give inspiring advice to fresh graduates, using wit and humour to ease young nerves.

Hanks studied theatre at the California State University. Following this, he completed a three year internship at the Great Lakes Theater Festival in Ohio, earning the Cleveland Critics Circle Award for Best Actor during this time. He moved to NYC to pursue acting, clinching his debut role in 'He Knows You're Alone' and in an Off Off Broadway performance. The next year, he secured his first TV show, 'Bosom Buddies,' as the lead. His footing was secured when he finally won his first Oscar for his role in 'Philadelphia,' winning another with 'Forrest Gump' a year afterwards.

Since 1996, Hanks has played his hand at producing movies as well with a notable title being Saving Private Ryan. His lengthy career features him participating in 17 films that amassed over $100 million each, including movies like The Da Vinci Code and Toy Story 3.

He is currently set to play Walt Disney in 'Saving Mr. Banks.'

Drawing from a lengthy career experience that did not start out so hot, the Tom Hanks speeches give inspiration to new members of the workforce about embracing their time and world around them.

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