Tom Koulopoulos

Tom Koulopoulos

Author, Speaker, Lecturer

The Tom Koulopoulos speeches bring to light the idea that businesses should work to innovate rather than just invent. Koulopoulus believes that companies are no longer geared towards innovation and have adopted the mindset that they consistently need to invent new products to stay competitive.

Currently, Koulopoulos is the President and Co-founder of Delphi, a well respected and prominent global consulting firm, which consults daily with large corporations world-wide. Due to his position, he has extensive expertise on how a business can expand its brand and innovate existing products.

Aside from his consulting position, Koulopoulos is also the Executive Director of the Center of Business Innovations at Babson College and regularly hosts guest lectures at Harvard and the Boston University School of Management. He is also the author of countless books that examine the impact technology has on business including 'The Innovation Zone' and 'Digital Control Rooms.'

The Tom Koulopoulos speeches suggest that businesses need to focus less on constantly filling the market with new products, and more on understanding how consumers react to innovative products.

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