Tom Koulopoulous

Tom Koulopoulous

Author, futurist, visionary, leader

The keynotes by Tom Koulopoulos challenge individuals to rebuild their future. He is an inspiring speaker who has been delivering speeches for more than 25 years, and he focuses on the ways people can change today.

Tom attended Bentley College, and later founded the Boston-based Inc. 500 company, the Delphi Group. This company focuses on solution services and strategic consultancy, and it helps organizations become more environmentally and socially responsible.

The keynotes by Tom Koulopoulos teach individuals how to look at their future and build the lens through which they wish to look. He believes that we cannot predict what happens in the future of business, but learn how to survive the future that you build for yourself. Tom has spoken for more than 50,000 individuals, and he offers new ways to cope with the uncertainties of the future.

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