Tony Blair

Tony Blair

British Labour Party Politician, former British Prime Minister

Tony Blair's keynotes reflect his vast wealth of knowledge that he has collected throughout his career as a British Labour Party politician and as the former Prime Minister of Great Britain. Blair occupied the latter position from 1994 to 2007.

Blair is remembered by many of his teachers and professors at Fettes College and Oxford University as a trouble-maker who demonstrated little focus, determination or potential. After graduating from Oxford in 1975, he became a pupil barrister at 11 King's Bench Walk Chambers. It was at this point too that Blair joined the British Labour Party and became deeply immersed in Labour politics.

Blair continues to be recognized as a successful and charismatic leader for the British people. Devoting his career and time to various charities today, Blair continues to hold a prominent position in the public and media. Tony Blair's keynotes offer insight into the problems -- both political and financial -- plaguing the world today.

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