Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh

Founder & CEO of Zappos

The keynotes by Tony Hsieh focus on how effective customer service can create a clientele base of repeat customers. Tony Hsieh is an Internet entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of, the online shopping service with free shipping and 365-day return policy.

Hiseh studied computer science at Harvard. Upon graduating in 1995, he worked for Oracle Company but left within six months to pursue something outside the corporate sector. He founded his own company called LinkExchange -- an advertising network -- in 1996, which he then sold to Microsoft two years later for $265 million. emerged in 2000 as the result of an investment from Hsieh's other company called Venture Frogs. Hsieh was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in 2007. The keynotes by Tony Hsieh hone in on the importance of dedicated customer service policies that always put the customer first.

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