Tony Schwartz

Tony Schwartz

President & CEO of The Energy Product

The keynotes by Tony Schwartz offer audiences effective tools and valuable advice for cultivating a highly productive and sustainable team. Speaking to audiences from Google, Sony and Ford, Schwartz is a seasoned speaker and an expert in his field.

Beginning his career as a journalist and author, Schwartz left the industry to narrow his focus on searching for meaning in life. This search, which lasted for approximately four years, led him to write the book 'What Really Matters: Searching for Wisdom in America.' This title was published in 1996.

After writing another book in collaboration with Joe Loehr called 'The Power of Full Engagement,' Schwartz founded the Energy Project in 2003. This company works with companies and brands to implement sustainable, healthy and efficient practices and policies to generate the best results. The keynotes by tony Schwartz reflect his theories and experience he has collected throughout his successful and exciting career.

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