Tony Seba

Tony Seba

Author of Solar Trillions

The Tony Seba keynotes delve into exhausted environmental issues of today but focus on the area of clean tech and how it will benefit the generations to come.

Seba holds a B.S. in computer engineering from MIT. He also attended Stanford University Graduate School of Business to complete his MBA. His career started at Cisco Systems in business development. Seba quickly moved on from this role to fill the position of Director, Strategic Planning at RSA Data Security, only a short year later. He then founded and became the CEO of In 2001 he left this post in order to become a lecturer at Stanford for entrepreneurship and clean energy. This kick-started his keynote and speaker career, which he still does today.

Seba authored the title Solar Trillions. His work has also been featured in Fast Company, Forbes and Business Week.

He is currently a clean tech advisor for Global Technology and Innovation Partners.

In the future-focused Tony Seba keynotes, the seasoned entrepreneur stresses solar power as the form of energy to adopt.

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