Ueli Gegenschatz

Ueli Gegenschatz

Swiss BASE Jumper, Paraglider & Skydiver

The Ueli Gegenschatz speeches take viewers through the mental and physical preparation needed to become a professional skydiver through impeccable storytelling and video montages.

Gegenschatz was a member of the Swiss national paragliding team, and co-founded the Red Bull acro team in 1995. He has broken several world records in sky jumping. Gegenschatz remarkably performed five stunts in one day, which included jumping off the Eiffel Tower, the Petronas Towers , and off the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau peaks.

Unfortunately, in November of 2009, Gegenschatz died due to a gust of wind that caused him to fall while jumping off the Sunrise Tower in Zurich, Switzerland. His bravery and passion is admirable, and evident in the Ueli Gegenschatz speeches, which are sure to inspire.

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