Victor Haghani

Victor Haghani


The Victor Haghani talks examine cutting losses as a valuable business practice. The financier began his career in 1984 at Saloman Brothers in the bond portfolio analysis department. From there he became the Managing Director of John Meriwether's bond arbitrage group. In 1993 he co-founded Long-Term Capital Management with seven other founding members.

Haghani established the Long-Term Capital Management London office that same year. In 1998 the firm was bailed out by 13 banks after suffering significant losses. After leaving in 1999, he joined JMW Partners where he stayed until 2002. His time is now spent as the founder of Elm Partners as well as in a consulting capacity and on board assignments. He also lectures at the London School of Economics as a senior research assistant in the Financial Markets Group. Haghani's research is focused on asset allocation and low-cost wealth management strategies, and has been since 2006.

The Victor Haghani talks can also be applied to many business or personal decisions.

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