Victoria Labalme

Victoria Labalme

CEO and Creative Communications Strategist at Victoria Labalme Communications

With a background in show business, it is evident why Victoria Labalme's keynote career includes numerous vivacious and energy-packed speaking engagements.

As the CEO of her own communications consultation company, Victoria Labalme Communications, she uses her BA in English Literature from Stanford in conjunction with her experience in the entertainment business to help her clients give more engaging speeches and lectures.

Helping executives explore their untapped creative potential has been a major focus throughout Victoria Labalme's keynote career and she meets with top professionals to encourage them to use innovative and entertaining methods of speaking to capture their audiences and effectively convey information.

Her past roles in theater and television have given her the tools necessary to capture the attention of her audiences and better showcase the power that presenting material in a fun and dramatic way can have in regards to giving a powerful lecture.

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