Vijay Govindarajan

Vijay Govindarajan

Founding Director of Tuck's Center for Global Leadership

The Vijay Govindarajan speeches provide vital information and theories about the global economy. Govindarajan is the founding Director of Tuck's Center for Global Leadership, and a columnist for Fast Company. Govindarajan graduated from the Harvard Business School with a Master's Degree.

His works have also been published in numerous publications including the Harvard Business Review, Decision Sciences and the Journal of Business Strategy. Govindarajan is also a keynote speaker who was featured at events such as The Economist Forum, and the Business Week CEO Forum.

Govindarajan’s co-authored a book with Christopher Trimble called, ‘Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution,’ which was called one of the 'Best Business Books of 2006' by Strategy+Business.

The Govindarajan speeches are sure to provide valuable insights on global management.

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