Wences Casare

Wences Casare

Tech Entrepreneur

The Wences Casare keynotes explore topics in finance, technology and innovative industry products, such as Bitcoin. Casare often shares his insights how he believes Bitcoin will revolutionize the global market.

Originating from Patagonia, Argentina, Casare has made quite a name for himself in the finance industry. He is the CEO and the found of the virtual wallet called Xapo that deals with the exchange of Bitcoin currency digitally and internationally. Previous to his time at Xapo, Casare established the first ever Internet portal in Latin America called Internet Argentina S.A before selling it for hundreds of millions of dollars and moving on to develop Wanako Games.

Each of the Wence Casare keynotes compare and contrast the pros and cons of digital finance as well as looking to how services like Bitcoin will drastically disrupt traditional currency markets.

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