Will Wright

Will Wright

Video Game Designer, Co-Founder of Maxis of EA, Designer of The Sims

Will Wright's keynotes pay special attention to his creative, technological mind. The virtual world creator has achieved a substantial amount of accomplishments over his distinguished career.

At Louisiana Tech University he tried out architecture, then dabbled in mechanical engineering before finally settling on computers and robotics. The versatile, creative and genius designer had found his niche. He created 'Raid on Bungeling Bay' in 1984 just out of university. The helicopter action adventure was built for the Commodore 64 and Wright was propelled into the world of creating games.

From there he began work on what became SimCity, but started off as a struggling project inspired by his love of architecture and urban settings. His ability to merge creativity and technological competence has been a defining feature explored throughout Will Wright's keynotes.

Alongside Jeff Braun, Wright created Maxis, now a subsidiary of EA Games. Maxis, the brainchild of the two, featured SimCity and all the later versions that have received widespread praise across the gamer realms. Wright has since received a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' from the Game Developers Choice Awards for 2001 and become part of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame in 2002.

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