Wingham Rowan

Wingham Rowan

Project Director, TV Producer, Author

In Wingham Rowan's keynotes he talks about employment-seeking systems in relation to government and stock market processes. Rowan is the Project Director of Slivers-of-Time Working. This initiative employs technologies used by traders to help people find work. By using these advanced processes, Rowan and the initiative connect eager employees with employers in need of short notice work help. Rowan has been so successful on this project that local law enforcement, housing departments, NHS Primary Care Trusts and retailers are all using it now. Rowan's work in this field is the beginning of a new way of hiring, which is well-suited for this time of bleak economic opportunities for some. Rowan has also authored Guaranteed Electronic Markets on this subject.

Aside from speaking, Rowan used to be a producer and presenter on Cyber Cafe, the United Kingdom's longest running television series about the Internet. He's also presented on Rowan's Report, a children's TV show.

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