Yochai Benkler

Yochai Benkler

Law Professor and Author

Including anecdotes from a man who's been a professor at both New York University and Harvard, keynotes by Yochai Benkler come from an impressive place of experience.

Originally from Israel, Benkler made his way to the U.S. after completing his L.L.B. at Tel-Aviv University. The professor's research work is extensive, but tends to focus around the way in which wired companies deal with resources. His work is extremely focused around the way in which people share information. His book, The Wealth of Networks, specifically explored these ideas around data sharing, and gained the professor even more recognition for his work. Keynotes by Yochai Benkler reflect this interest of his and often seek to change the way in which audiences understand open-source information sharing.

A vocal supporter of open information sources including WikiLeaks and having been featured on several documentaries, Benkler's views are not without controversy. The professor sufficiently backs up his ideas, however, and is a respected expert in this field of study.

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