Yvonne Camus

Yvonne Camus


Yvonne Camus' keynotes take a look at how putting in the effort pays off in big ways. As a graduate from the University of Toronto in 1988, Camus has gone on to hold the position of Executive VP at the Fitness Institute until 2000, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Boulevard Club until 2004, Spinning Instructor for 16 years at the Gears Bike Shop until 2011, and now works as a Speaker for the Lavin Agency.

One of the mottos of Yvon Camus' keynotes focuses on how ordinary people, such as herself, can achieve extraordinary things. One of the ways that she truly connects to her audience is by using personal experiences and comparing her own experiences as a human being. Living a healthy, active and useful life of purpose is definitely one of the main goals of Camus during her inspirational speeches.

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