Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar

Author and Motivational Speaker

Keynotes by Zig Ziglar are exhilarating, emotional and inspiring. The writer and motivational speaker from Coffee County, Alabama is an engaging speaker with more energy than many might expect from a man of his age.

Though well-educated at the University of South Carolina, keynotes by Zig Ziglar are far more entertaining than they are academic. Though not particularly scientific, his speeches are empowering and have a strong emotional effect on his audience. A dynamic and well-spoken man with a special ability to get people's attention, Ziglar is an unmissable speaker with a bold and relentlessly enthusiastic message about personal success and development.

Continuing to perform his motivataional speeches at the tender age of 85, this is an unstoppable man with a great desire to improve people's livelihood.

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