Dan Cobley

Dan Cobley

Director of Marketing at Google for Central and Northern Europe

Keynotes by Dan Cobley provide illuminating insight into the world of advanced marketing. As the director of marketing at Google for Central and Northern Europe, Cobley has been a participant to one of the world's most innovative companies. He demonstrates to clients the most efficient and productive ways to use Google products to gather the information they need. He also reveals to businesses just how much a Google search can help them leverage the market -- in ways not possible before the advent of Google.

Prior to his position at the search engine giant, Cobley was the marketing director for another search engine, Ask Jeeves. He also worked at Capital One as the vice president of branding and marketing. Keynotes by Dan Cobley draw on his accomplished career as a marketer, but also touch on the lessons he learned as a physics major at Oxford. These inferences from seemingly unrelated subjects are why Cobley is at the cutting edge of marketing.

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