frans johansson

frans johansson

Former CEO of the Medici Group

The keynotes by Frans Johansson describe how to create groundbreaking innovations through a variety of idea combinations. After travelling to various countries and cultures Johansson believes that these connections have already been made, but people have to create innovative ideas from them.

Frans Johansson received his degree at Brown University in Environmental Science, and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School. During this time Johansson sought to fill the gap between the sciences and the humanities through a science magazine called 'The Catalyst.' In 2004, Frans published 'The Medici Effect,' and is the founder and former CEO of the Medici Group.

The keynotes by Frans Johansson educate people in hopes of changing our world for the better. Johansson believes that diversity drives innovation, so if we bring these perspectives together we can make new connections.

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