Gian Fulgoni

Gian Fulgoni

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of comScore Inc.

The keynotes by Gian Fulgoni show the evolution of the Internet and provide insights for companies and consumers about the future of the web. Gian Fulgoni explains the benefits the Internet gives consumers, and its power to develop and destroy companies.

Gian Fulgoni earned a bachelor's of science specializing in physics at the University of Manchester, and his master's in marketing at Lancaster University. He was the president and CEO of Information Resources, Inc., and he is the co-founder and executive chairman of comScore Inc.

Gian Fulgoni is known for his huge success with growing public companies, and he was elected Ernst & Young® Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. The keynotes by Gian Fulgoni identify the future trends for retailers, and the impacts the Internet will have between brands and consumers.

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