iO Tillett Wright

iO Tillett Wright

Speaker, Photographer

iO Tillett Wright's keynotes draw from her life experiences growing up as a girl who was confused about whether she wanted to be a boy or a girl.

Growing up in New York City, iO Tillett Wright says she had an unorthodox upbringing where individuality and being different was actually the norm. It was in this environment she grew to find herself. iO Tillett Wright uses these experiences to inspire her photography.

iO Tillett Wright's photography centers on the differences and similarities between straight, gay and lesbian people. She explores the confusion of gendre and defies the natural human tendency to categorize people into groups, even when they exist somewhere between.

iO Tillett Wright's photography is regularly posted on the New York Times "Notes from the Underground" and "The Lowdown." In 2010, she displayed her first solo galler in New York City. She's also published three limited edition books of photographs called "Lose My Number," "KISSER," and "Look Ma', No Hands."

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