Jace Clayton

Jace Clayton

Interdisciplinary Artist, DJ, Author

The keynotes by Jace Clayton focus on listening skills and understanding audiences. He describes how important it is to hear others, and shows how listening techniques involved in DJing relate to other disciplines.

Jace Clayton is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist who performs in clubs internationally, and has worked with talents such as Norah Jones, Andy Moore and filmmaker Jem Cohen. He is currently working on a company called Sufi Plug Inc, which creates free audio software tools. He is writing a nonfiction book , and he has been published in The Washington Post, Bidoun and n+1. In the winter of 2013, he will release a musical performance called 'The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner.'

The keynotes by Jace Clayton look at the main problems for technology and sounds between low-income communities and public spaces. He focuses on these issues specifically in Latin America, Arab countries and Africa.

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