Jok Church

Jok Church


Presentations by Jok Church, like his cartoons and comics, are full of simple, but often overlooked truths. Throughout his career, he has helped children learn the basic foundations of science using a fun, endearing format. His 1991 comic strip, 'You Can with Beakman & Jax' would eventually grow into a series of books and inspire the CBS television show Beakman's World.

As with his cartoons, presentations by Jok Church do not hammer points into his viewers' heads, but rather leave them to connect the dots themselves. As a boy growing up in Ohio, Church was persecuted and abused for being gay. Jok explains that were it not for the compassion of a single teacher, his life would have been ruined before it really began. He eventually left Ohio for San Fransisco, taking with him a reverence for compassion that has remained with him since.

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